The #1 Best Solution for High Wind Roof Design

What is the #1 best solution for high wind roof design? The V2T roof system uses winds to make your roof stronger.

Yes you’re reading that right, high winds can be your roof’s best friend! Meet the V2T roof system.

The V2T roofing system uses the power of the wind to hold the roof in place. The stronger the winds get the stronger your roof becomes.

Jurin Roofing Services, Inc. incorporates the V2T Technology Roofing System in our line of products we are licensed and approved to install.

This roofing technology allows for a fumeless roof installation with higher wind resistance and less man hours.

High Wind Roof Design

How does the V2T system work?

The V2T Roofing System utilizes a proprietary technology that has been developed by V2T Technology, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The system incorporates V2T Vents which are based on the Venturi Effect.

The V2T vents capture the dynamic flow of air across the roof surface to generate lower pressures below the roof membrane. This dynamic flow creates a pressure difference below the roof membrane when compared to the pressure above the roof membrane.

This pressure difference is what keeps the roof membrane secured to the roof deck.

High wind roof design
The V2T system utilized proprietary technology based on the Venturi Effect

Jurin Roofing Services, Inc. applies this technology in conjunction with single-ply roof systems provided and warranted by Carlisle SynTec. The system can utilize EPDM, TPO or PVC roof membranes as part of the overall assembly.

Warranties are issued through Carlisle SynTec and can be covered for 15 or 20 year terms.

Benefits of the V2T Roof System

Benefit #1: Fumeless Roof Installation

The V2T Roofing System provides the building owner or manager with many benefits. Among these benefits is the reduction in the use of adhesives for the roof assembly.

Adhesives contain solvents and other compounds which create fumes. These fumes can be drawn into the interior of the building through the air ventilation system and can negatively impact employees and occupants of the buildings.

Adhesives contain solvents and other compounds which create fumes

Benefit #2: The Drying Effect

Moisture trapped in a roof assembly can not only cause significant damages to the roof and interior spaces beneath it, but also to the building as a whole. This damp environment caused by leaks also encourages mold growth, an increasing issue in many buildings. Moisture has been a major cause of re-roofing in the United States, which accounts for 75% roofing work, and has become a multi-billion dollar problem in the roofing industry.

The V2T Roof System uses the power of the wind to create suction between the roof membrane and substrate – the stronger the wind, the stronger the suction. This suction grip also increases the potential for removal of moisture from the roof system.

wet roof insulation
Moisture soaked roof insulation

The vents create a vacuum effect where the air passing through the vents above the membrane actually pulls what is under the membrane up, and the membrane down. When applied to a semi-permeable sub-roof in addition to resisting membrane detachment, the vent can act in a moisture drying capacity. Moisture is pulled from insulation and from any possible ponding locations that may be forming under the membrane.

V2T Roof Drying Effect

Benefit #3: Highly Versatile Roof System

The V2T roof system is highly versatile and works on:

Concrete decks (structural & lightweight)

Gypsum decks

Existing roof recovery

Pre-engineered metal roofs

Metal decks

Commercial flat roofs

New construction roofs


Non-nailable roof decks

Virtually any sealed deck is an opportunity for a V2T Roof System

V2T Roof System

Benefit #4: Decreased Timeline for Installation

Another benefit of the V2T Roofing System is a decreased timeline for project installation. The labor demand for most roofing systems is very high, requiring significantly staffed crews to complete the installation of most systems.

The V2T Roofing System, in conjunction with the single-ply systems provided by Carlisle SynTec, reduces the labor requirements for installation allowing crews to complete the installation faster.

V2T Roof System Benefits

Benefit #5: High Wind Resistance

Last, but certainly not least, is the ability of the V2T roofing system’s ability to resist damages from high winds. The faster the wind blows, the greater the differential in pressure. This means that the faster the wind blows the more resistance the roof system has to potential wind damage.

The V2T Roof System in conjunction with a quality roof membrane provided by Carlisle SynTec and installed by Jurin Roofing Services, Inc. will provide your building with a high quality, wind resistant roof system that will provide years of protection for your building and business.

V2T Wind Chart

Could the V2T system be right for your roof?

Are you currently in the market for a new roofing system and reside on the coast or in a high wind region?

Do you have a non-nailable roof deck?

Are you looking for a roofing solution that doesn’t include fume-laden adhesives and solvents?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the V2T Roofing System could be a perfect fit for your building. Contact Jurin Roofing today to discuss how to cut costs and increase strength for your roofing project.

Interested in a V2T roof system?

Jurin Roofing Services, Inc. is an authorized V2T installer. Contact us today!

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