Jurin Roofing Services Adopts Two Ronald McDonald House Properties

Giving Back to Our Community

Jurin Roofing Services has a proud history of community outreach and believes in the value of giving back to our communities. Making a difference, not only for our customers but also for our communities, is a responsibility we do not take lightly.

From sponsoring local athletic and educational programs, to helping rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, we constantly strive to help make the world a better place.

Jurin Roofing helps rebuild after Hurricane Katrina

Jurin Roofing Services is also a proud, longstanding member of the Roofing Alliance Foundation through the National Roofing Contractors Association. The Alliance’s objectives include not only educational projects that support high-quality training for roofing contractors, but also include reaching out to the roofing community and its members and helping fund efforts dedicated to good works and charitable giving.

Jurin Roofing and Ronald McDonald House

Jurin Roofing Services is proud to announce our latest community endeavor, The Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House has a long history of helping and supporting families with sick children.

Since 1974 they have been helping families who need to travel for medical care, have a comfortable place to stay near the hospital. Along with housing they provide home-cooked meals, private bedrooms and playrooms for kids.

Jurin Roofing Services, through the Roofing Alliance Foundation of the National Roofing Contractors Association, has adopted two Ronald McDonald houses in Northern Pennsylvania and we will be working hard to ensure a safe, dry environment for families during difficult times.

Jurin Roofing Services will be performing regular inspections and provide repairs and maintenance.

How You Can Help

Every time you go to McDonald’s you can help support Ronald McDonald House programs by dropping your spare change in the donation boxes at the counter and drive-thru.

McDonald’s also donates a penny every time you buy a Happy Meal or Might Kids Meal to not only the Ronald McDonald House but also the Ronald McDonald Family Room and Care Mobile.


The Ronald McDonald Family Room helps families rest and regroup while at the hospital with a quiet space to go near their child.

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile program travels to communities where kids and families need help most, providing health care services directly to children including medical, dental and health care.

If you would like to make a donation to this wonderful charity and help to keep families together during such a difficult time, the sickness of a child, visit the link below to give today. Together we can help families through the tough times we call could experience someday.

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