Solve Roof Drainage Issues and Improve the Performance of your HVAC Units with Elevated Unit Stands

What if we told you that you could solve roof drainage issues as well as a multitude of other facility issues with just one simple installation?

Sound too good to be true? Guess again and say hello to the beauty of elevated rooftop unit stands!

Elevated unit stands are heavily utilized in hurricane prone states such as Florida. In fact Florida Building Code requires that all rooftop equipment and supports shall be secured to the structure in compliance with the loading requirements of Chapter 16 (High-Velocity Hurricane Zones).

However these elevated unit stands have many other hidden benefits for facilities managers and building owners.

Solve Roof Drainage Issues
Elevated unit stands have many other hidden benefits for facilities managers and building owners

We have found that the use of rooftop elevated unit stands can reduce roof drainage issues and improve the overall performance of your rooftop units compared to typical rooftop unit supports.

Typical Rooftop Unit Supports

Typically roof top units outside of hurricane zones are either set directly on the roof, on wooden supports called sleepers, or on other types of dunnage.

Using sleepers (e.g. wood blocking or concrete pavers) to support these types of mechanical units can have a negative impact on the long-term performance of the surrounding roof system. In addition, keeping units close to the roof deck by setting them on sleepers placed on the roof surface may negatively impact the performance of the units themselves.

Rooftop Units on Dunnage

Benefits of Elevated Rooftop Unit Stands

Helps eliminate roof drainage issues. Wood sleepers or concrete pavers placed directly on the roof surface can restrict the flow of water on a roof system. By installing elevated rooftop unit stands the drainage patterns for the roof are not negatively impacted. Your roof drains more efficiently while helping to prevent roof leaks and vegetative growth on your roof.

Allows for better access for repairs to the roof. By installing the dunnage and elevating the units above the roof surface better access if provided for roofing repairs as well as general cleaning of the roof surface. This can also make your next roof replacement run more smoothly since elevated units are easier to roof around.

Increased performance and efficiency of HVAC and other units. Elevating your rooftop units allows air to move around all sides of the unit keeping the unit cooler than if the unit is set on the roof deck without ventilation under the unit. This may improve the performance of the unit by reducing operating temperature. During winter months these stands also help keep your units out of the snow and ice buildup that can negatively impact their performance.

The installation of elevated rooftop unit stands to support roof top equipment has significant benefits both for the roof system as well as the units themselves. Along with all the cost saving benefits they are also cost effective and easy to install.

These sets of dunnage can be retrofitted into existing roof systems or they can be installed as part of a roof replacement or installation project with little to no extra cost. Start saving money while protecting your rooftop units and roof system with the installation of elevated rooftop unit stands.

Could the installation of elevated unit stands help improve drainage on your roof? Contact us today to find out.

Improve roof drainage issues with the installation of elevated unit stands

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