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Simulated Metal Roof for Hospital is Prescription for Success

Recently Jurin Roofing Services, Inc. was hired by Grand View Hospital located in Sellersville, PA to remove and replace the existing roof systems on two roof areas. One roof area was above their pharmacy lab which had recent roof leaks with the other roof area being above their patient care and surgical unit.

The majority of the roof areas consisted of a single layer of shingles on a steep slope totaling approximately 13,500 square feet. The campus of Grand View Hospital has various attached buildings with low slope and steep slope roofs. Over the years copper metal paneling had been installed on the steep slope roofs.

Due to cost and our client’s desire for a system that will last for decades to come, Grand View Hospital looked for alternatives to metal. With the trusted business relationship Jurin Roofing Services has with Grand View Hospital, they turned to us to find a solution.

Old lead-based paint is the most significant source of lead exposure in the US.

Simulated Metal Roof – Sarnafil Décor System

Sika Sarnafil

Grand View Hospital was initially interested in installing a standing seam metal roof to match the look of the adjacent building.

After discussing the project with representatives from Sika Sarnafil and Jurin Roofing Services, they found that the Décor product line could not only mimic the look of the standing seam but also give them the price point and performance they were looking for.

Working with Grand View Hospital and Sika Sarnafil a design plan was made to install Sarnafil Feltback Copper Brown G410 with their Decor Rib System. The Decor Roof System was the ideal choice for their existing building that called for the appearance of a metal roof with standing seams along with maximum performance.

Completed Sika Sarnafil Decor Roof System

Photo of completed Sarnafil Decor Roof System project for Grand View Hospital.

Given Jurin’s experience with Sarnafil, we knew that the versatility of the Décor system, regardless of the roof slope, shape, or complexity of the design, would be a perfect solution for this project. Even beyond a watertight performance Grand View Hospital can rely on a final product with minimal maintenance requirements driving down future repair costs.

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Challenges of Working over Critical Hospital Space

One of the greatest challenges of this project was the importance of the critical space below. All throughout the project our site leadership worked closely with the hospital staff to ensure that the construction process had as little impact on the hospital operations and patient care environment as possible.

The project had two main locations, one being above the pharmacy for the hospital where an automated robot distributes all medications throughout the hospital. The other area was directly above patient rooms and one active operating room in which surgeries were to be performed at the time of our project.

Jurin Roofing’s project management staff’s top priority was to mitigate any noise or vibrations from the above roof work. In order to complete the project on time without disruption to the critical hospital operations, Jurin Roofing took all necessary steps to work hand in hand with the hospital staff to not have active work being performed in this area during scheduled surgeries.

Our ability to coordinate with internal hospital staff and remain flexible in our approach to ensure their daily routines and critical operations allowed the work to proceed without any interruptions to the hospital staff.

The end result of the project was a beautifully updated appearance blending into the rest of the surrounding campus facilities along with the performance Grand View Hospital desired. Grandview hospital was so pleased with the overall appearance and performance that they are looking at making the Sarnafil product line and Jurin Roofing Services as the standard for future projects.

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