Pennsylvania Adopts New Building Codes After Nearly a Decade

Adoption grace period ended April 1, 2019

On October 1, 2018 Pennsylvania put new Uniform Construction Codes into effect throughout the state representing the first building code change since 2009.

Building codes for both commercial and residential construction have been updated to the 2015 International Codes while Philadelphia adopted the 2018 International Codes for all non-residential construction.

In Philadelphia, residential construction will follow the 2015 International Code with state instituted modifications. This change establishes Philadelphia as the only United States city to adopt the newest codes. However the required r-values for roofing insulation remain at 30 for the 2018 version.

Roof Insulation Requirements
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For more information on the code changes for Philadelphia, reference Philadelphia’s new Code Bulletin which details the implementation of the 2018 International Codes.

For more information on the code changes for the rest of Pennsylvania, reference Pennsylvania’s State website UCC page.

As you plan your roofing projects for 2019, keep in mind the new code adoption effects the r-value requirement of insulation required for roofing installations. Based on the new code, reroofing projects must adhere to the minimum r-value of 30. When insulation is exposed during a recover project adding additional insulation may be required to meet the current code requirements.

What does this mean for you? If you are using polyisocyanurate insulation you will need 2 layers of 2.6″ to meet the r-value of 30. Alternatively you could also have 2 layers of 2.4″ polyiso with a .5″ layer of HD cover board. The additional insulation requirement could result in a higher reroof cost. Contact Jurin Roofing if you have any questions.

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