2155 High Hill Road Roof Recover

2155 High Hill Road Roof Recover

2155 High Hill Road Roof Recover


Liberty Property Trust – 2155 High Hill Road, Bridgeport, NJ


Carlisle SynTec TPO FleeceBACK 115 Adhered Roof Recovery

15-year System Warranty


When Liberty Property Trust leased a warehouse in New Jersey with a severely deteriorated and leaking roof, they turned to Jurin Roofing to find a dependable yet cost effective roof system that could be installed quickly. Jurin Roofing partnered with Carlisle SynTec, the leader in quality roofing systems, to help develop the best approach to the project.


We were given a little under a month to reroof 150,000 sq. ft. which meant we needed an innovative quality solution.

The worn out smooth surface built-up roof was the perfect scenario in which to utilize a Carlisle SynTec Fast 100 adhered EPDM FleeceBACK 115 directly over the existing roof. The Fast 100 adhesive allowed us to quickly complete the project while giving them the longevity that they needed with a 15 year warranty.

With only one month to complete the job, we knew the Carlisle adhered system was the only way to go. Using this system we were able to complete the work in half the time a usual roof replacement would have run.

Check out the case study video below by Carlisle SynTec highlighting this project.

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