Making a sound financial decision regarding your roof requires knowing the whole story, inside and out. Jurin Roofing Services offers infrared roof scans which do just that. A roof infrared scan will pin-point the areas of your roof where moisture is present allowing tremendous cost savings on unnecessary replacement.

Roof infrared scans are a proven scientific method of evaluating your roof system, giving you the unbiased information needed to make financially sound decisions regarding your most critical and costly asset.

Infrared Roof Scan
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Benefits of Infrared Roof Moisture Scans

Building owners and managers can save thousands of dollars by utilizing infrared scans. For example, a building owner has been informed that their building requires a complete tear-off of the existing system down to the roof deck at a cost of $1,050,000.

Infrared Scan Technician

However, after a $5,000 infrared scan was performed, it was discovered that only a small portion of the roof was damaged and a complete tear-off was not required, saving the building owner over $300,000.

Our professional infrared scanning services can reduce your roof repairs and roof replacement costs by:

  • Targeting problem areas for effective roof repair
  • Creating money-saving roof replacement options
  • Identifying sound roof sections for conservation
  • Improving specifications for more competitive bidding
Infrared Roof Scan Images

Other Money Saving Benefits of Infrared Roof Moisture Scans

Reduce Energy Costs: Moisture trapped in your roofing system significantly reduces your insulations R-value which leads to increased cooling costs. Finding and eliminating the areas of wet insulation with an infrared scan will bring your buildings R-value back to its original condition.

Improved Budget Planning: Our infrared scanning services and the reports we provide will help you better plan for long-term repairs and maintenance on your buildings roof system.

Roof Warranty Protection: Many manufacturers now require regular infrared scans to keep your warranty in effect.


Infrared Roof Scan Report

Our Infrared Roof Moisture Scan Reports

After completion of your roof infrared scan, Jurin Roofing Services will provide you with a detailed report including:

  • Full-color photo report with daytime and infrared images of areas found to contain moisture
  • Roof CAD drawing showing locations of moisture in your roof system
  • If requested, a roof repair proposal to address remediation or a roof replacement proposal including the cost saving benefits of wet insulation remediation if possible*

*Note: In some cases regardless of infrared roof scan findings, it becomes necessary to remove an entire roof system in order to restore it.

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